BJD96 Series Alarm Light Fittings (IIC, tD)


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  • Designed for explosive atmospheres Zone 1 and Zone 2;
  • Designed for combustible dust Zone 21 and Zone 22;
  • Designed for IIA, IIB and IIC groups explosive atmospheres;
  • Designed for temperature classifications T1~T6;
  • Designed for explosive hazardous locations such as oil refinery, storage, chemical, pharmaceuticals, military industries, etc tiptoi manager kostenlos herunterladen.
  • Used for signal alarm and indication;
  • LED lamp is with low power consumption, long service life and free maintenance.


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Enclosure is Die Casted of Aluminium Alloy with High Voltage Powder Coated Surface After Shot Blasting;

Impact Structure with Aesthetic Appearance;

Compund Explosion Protected Type Ensures the Reliable Explosion Protection Property;

Transparent Cover is Injected of Engineering Plastic with Good Impact Resistance;

Exposed Fasteners are of Stainless Steel with Good Corrosion Resistance Property;

Signal Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green;

Special Designed Seal Structure Ensures Ingress Protection to Reach IP66;

Different Mounting Types are Suitable for Different Sites;

Steel Pipe or Cable Wiring tiptoi manager kostenlos herunterladen.

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Ordering References

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S Flashing: the Beacons Will Turn Clockwise or Anticlockwise After Lamp On;

J Static: on and Off Alternately After Lamp Static and the Working;

The Working Model Can be Made as Per Request, Please Indicate When Have Request;

Please Indicate When Have Special Request tiptoi manager kostenlos herunterladen.

For Example: If Need Static Type BJD96 Alarm Light Fitting, Voltage AC220V, Yellow, Pendestal, the Model Shall be BJD96-Ac220Yzj.

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Technical Parameters

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Compliance with: GB 3836.1, GB 3836.2, GB 3836.3, GB 12476.1, GB12476.5, IEC60079-0, IEC60079-1, IEC60079-7, IEC 61241-0,

IEC 61241-1

Explosion Protection: Ex d e IIC T6 Gb/Ex tD A21 IP66 T80℃

Rated Voltage:AC 36/110/220V,  50/60Hz;DC 12/24/36V


Rated Power:≤2.5W;

Strobe Frequency: 150 times/min;

Ingress Protection: IP66;

Corrosion Resistance: WF1;

Cable Entries: G1/2″,G3/4″(pendant 3);

Cable Outer Diameters:Φ6mm~Φ10mm,Φ9mm~Φ14mm (pendant 3) tiptoi manager kostenlos herunterladen.

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