CNTC 9220 Square 2000W

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  1. Adopting efficient gas discharge lamp as light source, long life, especially suitable for outdoor large area be unmanned lighting audio hörbücher kostenlosen.
  2. Optimizing the structure design and asymmetric reflector system, no level above the light, suitable for airports, ports, highways, sports venues and other areas of lighting requirements strictly; The light is downy, uniform illumination, no glare, can effectively avoid personnel produces discomfort and tiredness
  3. Using the advanced lighting optical principle optimization design of the reflector, effectively improve the utilization rate of light energy kan app niet download op ipad.
  4. Lamps and lanterns are equipped with breathing apparatus, to balance the pressure of inside and outside of lamps and lanterns, effectively reduce the temperature of the lamp body, humanized side open design, easy replacement bulbs and quick
  5. Separation design, which can effectively use load and impact Angle of maintenance will not throw light on the lamps and lanterns Download Christmas e-cards for free.

Product Data

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Order NO. Light source Rated Power(W)
CNTC9250 HPS,MH,Iodine Tungsten 2000W,
Rated Voltage: 380VAC/220VAC 60HZ
Ex-mark: Exd I Mb
IP grade : IP65
Drop cable: Φ8~12mm
Dimensions: Lamp 602*425*414mm

Ballast box 355*143*130mm

Weight Lamp 14.3kg Ballast box 11.5kg
kan app niet download op ipad Download Christmas e-cards for free