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CZ1260 Full plastic explosion-proof
overhaul light fittings / equipment light fittings


The enclosure of explosion-proof light fittings are made of alloy plastic and the transparent parts are made of makrolon, built-in LED particle which have light weight, easy to use, can be used under extreme conditions

  • The Explosion-proof overhaul light fittings are used for mobile maintenance repair lighting, using hexahedral shape design, with multiple lighting Angle for land use, the front end of light fittings are equipped with 360° rotating hook herunterladen. It can adopt fixed installation, fixed bracket designed to U socket with shape for convenient access of light fittings
  • The explosion-proof equipment light fittings are used for Lighting and local lighting kostenlose videos von youtube herunterladen. Installed on the fixed bracket can adjust the lighting Angle
  • Optional stainless steel mesh cover
  • Optional fixed bracket and fixed bracket with magnet
  • Optional different voltage explosion-proof plug

CZ1260 Full plastic explosion-proof
overhaul light fittings / equipment light fittings

Main Technical Data

Certification | Ex mark | Meet the standard

China (CQST Ex) Ex de II C T5 DIP A21 TA, T5 GB3836   GB12476

Intended use: Can be used in zone 1 and zone 2, Can be used in zone 21 and zone 22
Degree of protection: IP66
Rated voltage: 12-36V AC 50/60H 12-48V DC
100-250V AC/DC 50/60Hz
48-110V AC 50/60Hz 70-110V DC
The light source: LED
Ambient temperature:  -40°C to +40°C / +55°C
Terminal: L1, N Cage type terminal 2-2.5mm2
Cable entry: Moulded plastic 1 x M25 x 1.5
Outside diameter: ϕ8-17mm

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Application & Model Code


Application & Model Code

kostenlose videos von youtube herunterladen pdfsam gratis herunterladen