Medium Intensity Light LM100-MIA



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Application & Model Code

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LM100 Medium intensity obstruction light for making Towers(Telecom, GSM),
Smokestacks (heat-engine plant, coking plant chemical plant etc.),Buildings, Port devise, Construction machinery, wind power generator etc font powerpoint. for air traffic warning.

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  • Optics design based on Fresnel lens principle.
  • Based on LED technology, with external long life, low power consumption and high efficiency font powerpoint.
  • PC lamp housing with the sound impact resistance, thermal stability and luster effect.
  • Die casting aluminum base, shockproof and corrosion resistant video from facebook mac.
  • No RF-radiations, EMC Compliant. And constant LED drive to prolong led life.
  • Customized function: GPS synchronous function /RS485 communication function vvs ticket herunterladen.

Technical Parameters

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Product Name

Medium Intensity Light

Product Model : LM100




Power consumption

<65W (steady burning)

Flashing rate

20/30/40/60times/min (30times/min before shipment)

Certification label

International standard

ICAO(Annex 14)medium intensity aviation 
obstruction  light standard and FAA-L864


Light color

Red(white could be customized)

LED life  ≥100,000h

Vertical degree   ≥3°

Horizontal degree 360°

Working mode: Steady burning or flashing (optional)


red:night 2000±25% cd
white:daytime 3000cd/night 1500cd

On/Off level  :50lux (without photocell, the setting mode is for night)

Light source LED


Ambient temperature : -40˚C ~ +70˚C

Humidity : 10% ~ 95% (no coagulation)

IP protection :   IP65

Weight :  6.5kg


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